Monday, August 15, 2011

my jar is half full with ... Garnier Fructis

It has indeed been awhile since i updated this blog. Been super busy but i am here now. During the weekend that has just past, Adelaide have had their first ever Adelaide Beauty Conference held at Liquid Hair. A full post will come soon.... however, with conferences like this, i definitely did not expected loads of goodies filled up in two bags.... yes you heard me ... TWO.... bags filled thanks to our gracious sponsors and the fantastic effort that Becbeautiful have put in.

Coming back to this post, I was out of shampoo and i have decided to head to the cupboard and pull out a bottle which i have brought back from Malaysia. Since the bottle was semi transparent, I have stumble across something abnormal in the bottle, which is sings of spores and mould growth in the bottle. It definitely dint smell bad or anything like that but it just looked unfriendly and i cannot come in terms of using that bottle. That was a first, to think that the beauty product would have a lower chance of having customer complaints such as this unlike the Food Manufacturing World but it did go through a production / manufacturing line and anything can happen. So.... visual inspection are so vital even for us consumers. Yes?

So here I am, refusing to use the mould/spore spotted bottle I have ran out of Shampoo!!! and then I realised after the ABC, I actually do have shampoo and conditioner products sponsored by Garnier. I love the smell of Garnier's Shampoo and Conditioner awhile back but have broke away from it when I got my hands on the Kao's Essential Damage Care Nuance Airy Shampoo & Conditioner . Not to mention the highly recommended and effective Hair Mask by the same product range. It was no other hair mask I have tried. Anyway, I have pulled out the Fructis Pure Shine Pure Shine Fortifying Shampoo & Conditioner from the goodies bag and gave it a go.

I got to say this, it does what it said on the bottle leaving my hair feeling clean, soft, shiny, feel like it just had a detox from the build up of hair products used over time and etc. and not to mention it smells nice and not off-putting or too overpowering like some of the other brands that are on the same aisle in the supermarkets. On the other note, different consumers have different preferences. =)

Alright, its bed time... till next time peeps....

Monday, July 25, 2011

My jar is half full with the Himalaya's lip balm

Currently loving this... It doesn't dry my lips like some do.

Sad that it is not available in Adelaide. Correct me if I wrong 。 But I heard they have good acne solutions.. Worth looking at ....

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Monday, June 27, 2011

my jar is half full with ... KIEHL'S

 Introducing Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Slave...

Working in the environment I am in, these hands have been washed with pH 2 detergents and Sanitizers. Chemicals comes in 25Kg bulk & neat conditions. Even with sufficient rinsing my hands have become dry and start to flake. It feels like there is flour on the palms of your hands and it is hard to touch. But this hand cream has proven it worthy of its place. It is not oily but it is definitely moisturizing enough to repair the skin. Love it heap and i am getting a new tube very soon. =)