Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Little Terry in my bag

yes.. every one's nightmare is the almighty "dark eye circles". yes? Having to decide wearing the glasses that compensate my eyesight just so that these shadows could just be hidden behind and be invisible to many, its pretty sad. So i am proud to introduced you By Terry

Having to walk into many makeup counters having the hope that something will work and in the end it dint. It is so depressing.... something that doesn't look grey and ashy would be fantastic. However, most have failed except for the Touch Expert Advance

Its texture is very light and provides a just nice coverage for the skin. and the best part of it, it gives you a good coverage that does not look ashy like the others do [on me that is]. 

The most amazing part is my mum took mine home after she used it. and ... i did not hesitate to get another one for myself within a few days after she left for home.

Just because it is so easy to use and did i mention it manage to perfect the lines of fading tattoos?

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