Monday, June 20, 2011

why half full and not half empty...

Welcome to the.half.full.jar

  Wonder why "half full" and not "half empty"? there are times in life, regardless if you are a guy or girl, you will never be happy with what you have or even be contented with the given. Think, why fashion is always followed after, leadership is always pursued, success is always achieved or aim to be achieved...

  If there weren't for the DNA that is embedded in us, everyone will be the same isn't it. But how many have pursued their purpose and be who they are meant to be...  becoming someone who is "Confident" in him or herself.

  One who is daring for example most often is pursued in the fashion industry, deeming to be creative and special with a purpose of creating and making women and man both feel and look absolutely their best  through their vision and handy works. Daring to be different does not mean bad, but the dare in making a difference, impacting people's lives, improving one's self confidence.... aiding one on their journey in finding their purpose.. is truly something can be done with a "half full jar".

 Why wait till your jar is full when a half full jar is sufficient a difference. A respected leader have said,
"If you THINK about it, DO something about it !".  
[think] is the half  of the jar that meant to be acted upon to make it full [filled up with the journey, impact of what the half can offer].

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